Oak leaf

We use natural dried oak leaf and cover it with the fine copper (the leaf stays inside!). There are so many oak tree varieties in our local Balkan forests, with different beautifully shaped leaves. We carefully collect only the nicest of them. Our copperplated leaves are pretty thick and durable, they won't break accidentally, as we use a plenty amount of copper to cover them. You can use this item as a part of your jewelry projects. By default we blacken the items with patina to fix them and prevent oxidation. You can see how the blackened leaf looks on photos. If you need your item NOT stained, please let us know with a note to your order. Usual leaf size is 45-50 mm from top to bottom, but we can find slightly bigger or smaller leaves by request. If you need matched pairs, let us know and we'll try to pick alike and same-sized leaves for you, but since every leaf is natural, they will still be unique.

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